CASE2: CUSTOM8Deformation measurements in mattresses and car seats

The IdoShape is a sensor mat that detects movement and measures deformation and is specifically designed for the use in layered flexible materials such as mattresses and car seats. It can be used to evaluate the fit between the human body and its biomechanical support.

Zenso designed this sensor for Custom8 NV. The IdoShape sensor mat is a modular system and is composed of a set of measurement units. Each unit is a sensor mat on its own containing a number of sensors, a processing unit and a power supply. A sensor mat may contain a maximum of 128 units.  Although the PCB material is not stretchable, the architecture design permits bending and torsion of specific parts of the PCB such that overall stretchability is simulated. The IdoShape is light and thin, and is designed for maximal point elasticity such that the mechanical characteristics of the investigated materials remain unaltered by the measurement with minimal impact on the behavior of the overall system.