CASE2: NUVIANT MEDICALActive Implantable Medical Device (AIMD) for deep brain stimulation and optimisation system

Patients with Dystonia, Parkinson's or Essential Tremor have  problems with a wide variety of uncontrolled muscle movements. The Nuviant Medical Deep Brain Stimulator (DBS) gives muscle control back to the patients through the use of a surgically implanted stimulator in the brain.

Nuviant Medical's Synapse is the thinnest and most sophisticated implantable neurostimulation solution currently on the market. Synapse™ acts as a brain pacemaker which sends electrical pulses to a specific target location in the brain.

The electrical pulses are transmitted from the pulse generator to the brain with thin electrical conductors implanted under the skin. These pulses reduce the symptoms of the neurological disease.

The Synapse™ neurostimulation system aims at improving DBS therapy by enhancing selective neurostimulation of brain tissue. Conceptually Synapse has been designed to meet future requirements of advanced DBS applications such as neural feedback, electrical field steering and parameterized stimulation. 

PICS™, a propriete micro-chip featuring 32 independent current sources, is the key technology inside the Synapse IPG and lends the device unmet versatility. Being a software based neurostimulation system Synapse is very adaptable, even after implantation, to all kinds of future tasks.

The Synapse™ system consists of an impantable pulse generator (IPG), a remote control and a battery charger:

  • The IPG is implanted in the chest area like a pacemaker.
  • Communication with the IPG ( like programming of the IPG or interrogation of the IPG by the patient) happens wirelessly.
  • The IPG has a rechargeable battery, which needs a recharge at regular intervals using an inductive charger. The charging is transmitted through the skin and is not felt by the patient.

Zenso designed all the electronics from feasibility phase upto design, validation and production transfer.

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